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f ~ As the Spirit Leadeth (Session 0096)
44 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in Holland, Dec 1984
This is an unusual talk, in its presentation. As Imre occasionally did in the early days of his public teaching, he presented this talk only to a tape cassette deck, no audience present. His tone and rate of speech are those of a monologue and one that is heart-felt, poetic and beautiful.

The talk is based on part of a poem by Kahlil Gibran:

"I have learned to listen to silence,
To hear its choirs singing the Song of Ages,
Chanting the Hymns of Space,
And disclosing the Secrets of Eternity."

The crux of the talk is that almost nobody listens to the Spirit any more or allows it to lead them, not the individual, not the leaders of countries, not humanity as a whole. This Imre believes is the cause of society's woes - the wars, negative competition, jealousies, anger, crime, etc., that it is Spiritual Vision which is missing, that the Spirit is not leading humanity. Rather, it is led by materialism and personal wants and ambitions.

Imre presents a remedy, imploring us to seek the Spirit - not to remove ourselves from the world and our connections and responsibilities in it but to stay in the world and bring the Spirit down into the world. He explains that this is what he teaches - Cosmic Yoga - the combining of the ascent to the Spirit with the descent of the Spirit. Thus will the Spirit leadeth and raise humanity to peace and harmony with no lack of food and shelter for any person.

Imre's exhortation to us is that if as many humans as possible don't turn around and allow the Spirit to lead, all of the societies on Planet Earth are headed for dire times. He asks with all his heart that we surrender to the Spirit, listen to the Song of Silence and the choirs singing, and thus shall we discover the Secrets of Eternity.
e ~ How much Karma do you incur killing a mosquito? (4131 Excerpt)
10 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in Germany, August 2013
Do you worry about this? Through humour but also in all seriousness, Imre gives the answer to the question asked of him, covering also vegetarianism vs. meat eating and the balance of good Karma and bad Karma.
d ~ The Power of Books and of the Internet (3988 Excerpts)
22 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in New Zealand, June 2012
Here, Imre is explaining to members of the Foundation for Higher Learning, the international Spiritual School which he founded in 1980, the power of books and the internet for promulgating spiritual knowledge to people all over the world, and why this is so necessary now. But the talk may have great relevance and give inspiration to all persons who are also concerned about the deep materialism pervading our planetary society.
We are not just this human body which drops dead at the end of 75 years with nothing after that. There is much afterwards, a far greater life in the vast invisible dimensions, but the huge majority of humanity cannot access them because of being continually in the materialistic stream of energy. When we die, that materialistic stream of energy drags us back into the same materialistic incarnation again. So we cannot liberate ourselves from it and attain higher states of consciousness. We literally have a crisis on this planet. The more materialistically people think, the more our connection to the Spirit is dying.
This is where the importance of Sounding-Light Publishing comes in. Ultimately, it's to do with the spiritual health of humanity. Whatever you think influences the Planetary Mind. Any time a person reads a book of true spiritual frequency, their mind sends out high-frequency vibrations into the planetary atmosphere and helps it become more spiritual, and also helps other people tune in to things spiritual. Books were a great invention and can touch many but the internet is an even greater invention because through it, we can touch the lives of millions of people with the straight, pure Spiritual Knowledge which we have to give.
c ~ Where will you go when you die? (3541 Excerpts)
16 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in Switzerland, June 2009
Imre asks, "I wonder how many of you think of yourself dying - because it comes very soon." Here came a most potent but beautiful challenge, that we take the time to think about what is going to happen to us when our physical body dies - everybody is going to die - it's inescapable. We've all heard that if we're good, we'll go to Heaven and if we're bad, we'll go to Hell. But why, and how? Imre explains this and the definite steps we can take during life to work on our energy patterns which are what determine where we go after death - to hell, purgatory, the limbo states, or to the refined and glorious Realms of Divine Light - the Kingdom of God, or what in the East is called Nirvana.
So, the question is, "I'm going to die, maybe tomorrow or the day after - what then?" It's the most important question of your life. Think about it now! It's so vital. At least think about it.

The Death Experience
I am standing on the sea shore. A ship is starting for the ocean. I watch her go until she fades from the horizon. Someone says, "She is gone." Gone where? The loss of sight is in me, not in the ship.
At the moment someone says, "She is gone," others are watching her coming.
Other voices say, "Here she comes!" Such is death.

~Anonymous (Excerpt from Chapter 19, 'Heavens and Hells of the Mind' by Imre Vallyon)
b ~ Conscious Death and Liberation in this Life-Cycle (3544 Excerpts)
25 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in Germany, July 2009
Imre asks that we take note of the phrase: Conscious Death and Liberation in this Life-Cycle. It means to break the Law of the Wheel of Life, the chain of cause and effect - reincarnation. We keep circulating around and around between the Physical, Astral and Causal Worlds life after life after life. This could be likened to continually repeating a particular school year and the summer holidays over and over and again and again, never "graduating" to the next grade. Unless we do something about it, that is how we are going to go on for the rest of Eternity. We are born and we die, are born and die again and again, never even learning that there are higher "grades" we can move to, let alone actually moving to them.
Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Ancients discovered that there is a secret to breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, and it is to die a conscious death - in other words, when we die, to leave our physical body consciously and enter the inner dimensions consciously, able to function in the inner dimensions consciously. Then the Lords of Karma have no cause to force us back into incarnation.
Once the Ancient Adepts discovered how to break this cycle, they began to teach it to their disciples. They devised methods like Mantra and chanting whereby the disciples could begin to experience the other dimensions while in the physical body, to feel the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit, and hear the inner Divine Music, the Shabda-Brahman. Sadly, humanity has forgotten this knowledge which Imre now gives us again.
Imre explains that we can raise our vibrations to the point of being in tune with the vibrations of the higher planes. To not work at this will mean we will die on the same frequency at which we lived, and will then simply be forced back into incarnation - until we understand that we don't have to keep doing that and learn how not to.
a ~ Ashton Wylie Awards
Imre Vallyon was awarded first place in the 2008 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Awards in New Zealand for 'Heavens and Hells of the Mind' (2 mins.). For more information, please see the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust. [PRESS RELEASE & MEDIA PAGE]
3989 ~ The 21st Century and the Destiny of Mankind
69 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in New Zealand, July 2012
This is a talk vast in its scope and implications, one which sets out troubles we may have in this 21st century, but also the wondrous possibility inherent in it for the whole of the human family.

Imre sets out in ten points the influences on Planet Earth and humanity, both inner and outer, spanning the vast vista of time since the dawn of this Manvantara - this cycle of Creation - to the present. These influences are predominantly either for or against humanity's evolution and Imre explains that the battle between them, which has been waged since the dawn of the Manvantara, will be resolved in this 21st century in either a future for humanity wholly amazing and undreamt of, or, another Dark Age.
Imre first discusses the esoteric history of mankind which is beyond our physical history, encompassing the invisible worlds, realms, forces and conditions. Also involved are the 'War in Heaven', Hierarchies and good and 'evil' powers, known as the Principalities in the Bible, and the impact these are already having and will have on us this century. Imre explains natural disasters in relation to the great cycles of time Planet Earth and Mankind have been through, that yes, we're having a lot of natural disasters now but they're nothing new. We've had many ice ages before, continents rising and sinking and great cataclysms such as in the Lemurian and Atlantean epochs. It may be that there will be a cataclysm during this century but Imre asks that we see these events as a working out of unwanted energies by Planet Earth and that we can ride them out, through the understanding of why they happen and their purpose. They do have a purpose.
Imre includes in his talk explanations of the power of materialism and the astrological influences on countries and political and religious leaders which can precipitate war. We do however have free will which we can assert over many influences such as of religion, politics, science, culture and tradition. And over-riding all and everything is that Mankind is not left alone. There is a Divine Plan for our future, there is a Spiritual Hierarchy trying to guide us and there is the possibility of Divine Intervention, the descent of the Universal Avatara. The big thing is that all of this all-powerful help cannot come to us without our requesting it - and this is where humankind itself must act, knowledgeably and consciously.
Imre explains that we can help in this, if we choose to - that it is the spiritually aware people who will be the ones who can help in the positive resolution of the battle between materialism and the Light, can help liberate humanity this century. He asks seriously and passionately that we be "Be Warriors for the Light", because, "Your task is to take Esoteric Knowledge to Mankind."
3981 ~ The Rise of the Maori Language and of Maoridom
47 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded in New Zealand, April 2012
Imre was invited to speak at Te Wananga o Aotearoa, The Maori Tertiary Education Institution in Hamilton, NZ. The subject of the event was, "Kei Te Karanga Mai A Matariki - Pleiades is calling." Imre spoke of the resurgence of the Maori language over the last 30 or so years and that there is a great meaning behind this which is much more than educational. It is not accidental that the Maori language is being revived and that Maori are interested in Matariki, Pleiades, the star system which introduces the Maori New Year.
3816 ~ Emptying the Mind of the Ego is Meditation
39 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded at Waitetuna Retreat Centre, New Zealand, April 2011
The technique of this session is based on the fact that inside us, we're already Immortal, already Self-Realised, are already Divine Beings. We don't have to create those but simply need to let go so that we realise it. What we're striving for is already there. It's just that we've covered it up with the personality. It's so simple - remove the covering and we're there.
What's the ego? It's the little self - there's also a big Self, your Soul or Spirit. The little self is what we normally function in - the complex mechanism of your physical body, mind, emotions, reactions, memories - the personality. So, "Emptying the Mind of the Ego is Meditation" already tells you what you have to do in this meditation - empty your mind of all the personality stuff. That little self, the personality, is simply a conditioning process. The country, locality, the family, tribe or nation you're born into conditions you. But wherever you're born, that conditioning is not you because you are the same Soul every life. The ego is a temporary construct you adapt yourself to and believe in. It's not you, the Eternal Self, the Immortal, Everlasting Reality. That's timeless, boundless with no conditioning to limit it. Nothing limits it.
In this meditation, you try to go beyond your conditioning, beyond your sense of 'I', the ego. After a while, you get the sense that you're not the limited personality you thought you are. It's just temporary conditioning. In this lifetime in New Zealand, you may have been born Maori. When you were in Greece, you were born Greek and believed in that system; the same when you were born in Atlantis or wherever you were born in the past. You identified with that mode of being and you will do the same wherever you're born in the future. Think about it. Is there permanency in it every time you identify with a different set of conditionings? Can that be the real You? No.
Actors identify with a part, a role. You're asked to play a naughty person so you become that naughty person. Then your next part is to be a goodie and you play that. Being an actor is amazing training - it's a form of meditation. You're acting this part and tomorrow, you'll act the next part. But who is the Essential Self? Who is the real actor? The actor is the Real You, and that's unchanging no matter what part you act each life. The roles change but the actor is unchanging, is the one who is the Real Self behind the acting, the Eternal Soul.
In this meditation, we try to disidentify from the little self, our temporary manifestation, and to feel and experience who we really are. Imre guides us through the technique and explains afterwards that we'll begin to feel that it's not us doing the work but that something else inside starts working on us - the higher, Divine Self within us.
3813 ~ Meditation is Constant Awareness
62 mins. Imre Vallyon, recorded at Waitetuna Retreat Centre, New Zealand, April 2011
Imre began by asking this workshop's attendees what happens when they try to meditate. Some answers were that the mind wanders, trying to stop it wandering, and getting frustrated (heavy rain was falling during this section). Imre explained that these difficulties are universal to meditators and don't mean we're a failure. Humans have a mind which is unruly and the world's distractions impinge on us all the time. The way is to keep working on what is the theme of this session, "Meditation is Constant Awareness".
Imre set out the many disturbances we can face during meditation. There's the mind, but also the body can become painful or wants to fidget, emotions come up or you fall asleep. All of these can make us feel annoyed or frustrated or depressed or even want to give meditation up. But it is precisely those negative reactions which stop you from being able to meditate.
One way through this is to simply relax into the fact that the mind wanders, the body fidgets! Meditation is a subtle art. It is something to surrender to - with the right understanding. Wanting success brings struggle, whether in life or in meditation. And that struggle upsets your peace of mind and your equilibrium leading to feeling on edge and sometimes annoyed, stressed-out, disappointed and these are big obstacles to meditation. If you struggle, you are in trouble! If you want a peaceful life, don't struggle! Be non-struggling, non-grasping for success in meditation. When you say, "I want..." to attain whatever it is you want to attain, your peace of mind is gone. Your personality wants it and anything the personality wants is always a struggle, no peace of mind, no tranquillity, no inner harmony.
Meditation is Constant Awareness. This is the state of the Master Meditator, the Master Warrior. Imre guided the Group through a meditation which can be practised in life as well as in meditation. It is how to live our total lives, with inner dignity, no struggle, no annoyance, no frustration, just simple, constant awareness of everything which arises both inside and outside ourselves.
In the meditation, Imre talked through awareness of body sensations, of breathing, of the feelings, thoughts, sounds, Silence, and on to the Inner Presence, and the Divine Presence in Creation, and finally to Simultaneous Awareness of All Things - all of this to be with no opposition to whatever arises - simply, Meditation is Constant Awareness.
Following the guided meditation, Imre asked for people's experiences of it and he gave much further advice, such as that awareness guides us also in knowing when to act and when not to in situations in life.
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"A remarkable and exhaustive work on human consciousness and the wisdom of the ages."

Excerpt from
Ashton Wylie judges on Heavens and Hells of the Mind, winner of the 2008 Ashton Wylie Trust awards

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