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Released 2023


The Western Mysteries Revealed – Volume 1

Kabbalah Unveiled

The Western Mysteries is an in depth revelation of the Western Spiritual Path.

From Alchemy to Astrology, from the Science of Colour to the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana of the Tarot, lmre’s powerful insights shed new light on the real meaning and purpose of these Ancient Mysteries. This Work does more than restore a lost tradition. The Tree of Life is alive while ever there is a Master able to comprehend and learn from it, and lmre has done more than that. This book is a stunning and comprehensive unveiling of lmre Vallyon’s teaching on the Western Mysteries. ‘Stunning’ because as you turn the pages it truly is an unpacking of a seemingly endless visual glory. Great attention has been applied to reproduce the colours accurately, so that the student may benefit from the transformative inner impact of the symbols. From its visuals it seems to be an esoteric art book but that is just a small part of what a treasure it is. ‘Comprehensive’ because it presents in a beautifully synthesized tapestry of words and knowledge that is clarifying, inspiring, educative, and transforming. This invites the student to tread the path with renewed diligence, knowledge and understanding. The language in this book is both accessible and inviting, making it a joy to read. You will feel the glory of this exceptional book when it is in your hands. It truly is written in words imbued with light.