The Art of Meditation


To know yourself as a Living Soul is only the beginning stage of meditation and takes the longest time to reach. After that the progress is much more rapid. This can be likened to the rocket used to send a capsule into space, with its different booster stages. The first stage of meditation, to neutralise your breath current and mental waves, is like the first stage of the rocket and requires a lot of hard work and energy; it is the toughest part of the process. But once you have managed to still your mind in a natural way and become aware of yourself as a Living Soul (the second stage of the rocket), you will find that everything flows easily and you will be able to function with relative ease. After the second stage becomes natural, the third stage can also begin in a natural manner, and then you can perceive yourself as the Fiery Spirit, Atman, the pure realisation of who you really are.


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Table of Contents

1 The Goal of Meditation
2 The Process of Meditation
3 The Science of Meditation
4 The Art of Meditation
5 The Art of Teaching Meditation

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