The Divine Plan


How do we change the world in a realistic way? The answer is, by Soul-Consciousness. When people radiate soul wisdom into the environment it will automatically change the world in to a more peaceful, tolerant and loving place. With Soul-Conscious people it will come about by itself, as a spontaneous, natural thing.

What if one day you were to wake up and suddenly sense the amazing reality that the Kingdom of God is all around you, that there is a beautiful World of Light, Peace, Tranquillity, a World of Absolute Love, Bliss, Joy — a world of meaning, where everything is crystal clear and no more questions need to be asked, where all the things that you want to understand or know about immediately appear to you?



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Table of Contents

Prologue: The Circle of the Sun
1 The Divine Plan
2 The Human Hierarchy
3 The Way of the Heart
4 The Power of Sound
5 Psychism
6 The Christ Hierarchy
7 The Evolution of Our Powers
8 Karma
9 Reincarnation
10 Revelation
11 The Laws of the Inner Worlds
12 The Next Generation
13 The Future
14 Healing
15 The Art of Dying
16 The Piscean Age and the New Age
17 Summary

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Imre Vallyon



Second Edition

Publication Date

2005, 2016


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