The New Heaven and the New Earth


In The New Heaven and the New Earth, the completion of his trilogy with Planetary Transformation and The New Planetary Reality, Imre Vallyon explains the inner causes of the coming planetary changes (the New Heaven) and how the changes will play out in real- world events (the New Earth), depending on whether humanity responds to them correctly or not. To help humanity respond correctly, the author provides not only esoteric knowledge and understanding from his direct perception of Higher Reality, but also practical meditation techniques aimed at raising Consciousness.

It is from the inner realms where the problems, or the changes, arise, and how they work out in the physical dimension is where Humanity comes in.  Humanity does not cause anything, we are the end result. But, it’s how we react to the Inner Reality that organises our life in the Physical World: it’s how we react that determines human destiny.  Human destiny is not a haphazard thing, not something uncontrolled or uncontrollable.  It is exactly what human beings make it. That’s all. If we make a mess of it, well, that’s our destiny. If we react correctly, then we will have a Golden Age. Wars and disasters occur because we react wrongly to the energies coming in. It’s very simple.



Inner causes of the coming planetary changes (the New Heaven) and how the changes will play out in real- world events (the New Earth)

The author provides fresh insight into a wide range of topics, including: spiritual warfare, which is not about crusades or jihads but about the conflict between the personality and the Soul; the nature of Enlightenment, which, like the Mind of God, is not a fixed state of being; and on a more practical level, the reason people get stuck, the spiritual root of which is “the conflict between Matter, which always holds on to the past, and Spirit, which is always in the future.”

In addition to practical meditational invocations and mantras, The New Heaven and the New Earth also contains a 30-page glossary of spiritual terminology and a pronunciation guide for the Sanskrit terms used in the book.


Table of Contents

Part I: The New Heaven and the New Earth

  • The Seven Great Planes of Being
  • The Twenty-First Century and the Destiny of Mankind
  • The New Heaven and the New Earth

Part II: The Way of Light

  • The Development of Consciousness
  • The Crown Jewel of Knowledge: The Forces of Unification
  • Practice: A Spiritual Exercise for Group Unification
  • The Way of Happiness is the Way of Light
  • Practice: Invocation to the Forces of Light
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • What is Enlightenment?
  • The Reason for Getting Stuck
  • Practice: Visualizing the Rose in the Heart

Part III: The Way of the Mystery School

  • The Planes and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • A Brief Explanation of the Tree of Life
  • Practice: RUAH: The Breath of Life
  • The Nine Pillars of Wisdom of the Mystery School
  • Faith-based Systems and Knowledge-based Systems
  • Practice: IAŌ-AIŌ Invocation
  • The Mystery School and Phenomena
  • Practice: The Mantra of King Solomon
  • The Mystery of Fire

Part IV: The Way of Transformation

  • Transformation of the Human Species: Supernatural Evolution
  • Practice: Intoning the Mantra Eliyōn
  • Baptism of Purification
  • The Secret of Death
  • Practice: Contemplation


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