The Warrior Code


This book is a guide for practical living in the world, where the Spiritual Warrior must live. The reader may meditate on a different Aphorism each day or the same one for as long as desired. The book may also be used as a source of guidance in times of crisis. Simply open a page at random and instruction will come your way.


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The Path of the Warrior is a spiritual journey, a quest for Divine Consciousness. “The Warrior Code: 365 Aphorisms of the Spiritual Warrior” lays out the essence of the Way of the Spiritual Warrior, the code by which the Warrior lives each day of the year. The Path of the Spiritual Warrior is about: Surrendering the ego to the Heart; living a life that is Heart-focused, that is, connected through the Heart to all things; learning to flow with Nature, which is the Gateway to the Absolute; and understanding the interdependent relationship of all things. It is also about cultivating a new personality, a new being who lives the qualities of harmlessness, non-aggressiveness, peacefulness, tranquility, and lovingness. The 365 Aphorisms in this book are daily reminders of how to become that being.

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