The New Planetary Reality


“The New Planetary Reality” by Imre Vallyon starts where the author’s previous book, “Planetary Transformation”, left off. It explains the mystery of the Coming Avatara, which, unlike past Avataras like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and many others, is not a single person sent to a particular place, religion or culture but a global phenomenon—a Planetary Avatara, a Cosmic Energy coming from the inner dimensions that has already started to permeate planet Earth.

The book then describes the Nine Paths to Enlightenment, ways human beings can refine their consciousness so that they can tune into the New Energy and help the process of planetary transformation.


This download is in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format. It can be read on all popular ebook readers.

The Nine Paths are:

(1) The Way of the Spiritual Warrior,
(2) The Way of Cosmic Vision,
(3) The Way of Transcendental Sound,
(4) The Way of the Divine Breath,
(5) The Way of Divine Sound,
(6) The Way of Cosmic Love,
(7) The Way of Transmission of Divine Power,
(8) The Way of Sudden Grace/By the Universal Outpouring of the Spirit, and
(9) The Way of Visualizing the Real.

The final chapter of the book provides the reasons why the Nine Paths have been available to Humanity since time immemorial, describing the fundamental human existential dilemma of compulsory reincarnation and how we can follow any of the Nine Paths to move from bondage to Liberation.

Each of the Nine Paths includes meditations and practical techniques, some with links to free audio files to demonstrate the correct intonation of any sound work.


Imre Vallyon