The Spiritual Path 14: God the Mother

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If you have been brought up in any of the three major Western religions, you know that they are basically male-oriented religions. Unlike the Eastern religions, they can only think of the Deity as a male god. In “God the Mother”, author Imre Vallyon explains that the feminine aspect of Divinity is not a human being called Mary, Quan Yin or Isis, but a cosmic principle stretching throughout all Creation. The author also explains how the masculine and feminine aspects of God work together for the evolution of humanity and the Universe, and how it is the feminine aspect, the Divine Mother, that guides us to our final goal: Salvation, Liberation, Enlightenment.


“When we awake internally to the idea that we are more than what we appear to be, that we have to follow a spiritual path, it is She calling us—because She is us. Then, when we start following that call, the aid will come from Her unasked. We don’t have to pray to Her; all we need will be given to us, and more.”


Imre Vallyon