The Magical Mind


Psychology with a Difference. Like the climber who stands a distance from a mountain to get a clear view, Imre Vallyon looks into the human psyche with an uncanny perspective. Unlike conventional psychology, The Magical Mind reveals the workings of the human psyche from the point of view of Higher Consciousness. The Magical Mind will help you and everyone else on the planet to change their lives toward the Spirit; not through outward pressures, not through outer dictatorships, nor through dogma or the Church, but through the inner recognition of the Truth.


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Table of Contents

Part 1 You Really Are a Beautiful Person
Part 2 Psychodynamics: The Science of Magical Thinking
Part 3 The School of Psychology
The Oneness of All Things
1 Be of One Mind
2 My Children are Asleep and they must be Awakened
3 Be Still and Know that the I AM is God
4 The Self Only IS
5 Sitting Quietly Doing Nothing
6 Be Ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds
7 The Listening Attitude
8 Seeing Reality or Gazing Into Reality
9 The Children of God Stand in the Light
10 Reorientation
11 The Creator is One with Its Own Creation
12 Practising the Presence of God
13 Change Your Mind and leave the rest As It Is
14 The Practice of Egolessness
15 Dwelling on the One Mind
16 Listen to Silence. Silence is Eternity
17 All Events are Continuous with the One
18 My Mind is One with the Mind of Buddha
19 The Law of Mind
20 Mind is Creator
21 There is Always Another Way
22 Service is from the Strong to the Weak
23 Rise to the Sense of your own Divinity
24 The Magic of Light
25 How to Change Things
26 The Laws of the Higher Life
27 The Destiny of Man is to become Light
28 Male and Female in Spiritual Life
29 The State of Silence
30 The Law of Action
Part 4 Daily Meditations

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