HEAVENS & HELLS OF THE MIND – Volume III: Transformation


Heavens and Hells of the Mind is a major treatise on Human Consciousness and the Wisdom Science. This is the third volume of an award winning four volume set.  Volume III – Transformation unfolds a wide array of practical methods and inspirational guidance by which the contemporary man or woman may attain to Higher Consciousness.

The Path of Return provides a general introduction to the Science and Art of Meditation and the Spiritual Path in the Aquarian Age.

The Way of the Heart revelas the ancient Way to God-Consciousness through the awakening of the Spirit-Spark-Atom in the Heart Centre.

The Way of Spiritual Psychology seeks to purify the emotions and lower mind through positive affirmation and self-understanding, leading to identification with the Eternal Self within.

The Worship of the Goddess illuminates the subtle Mantric Path to the Feminine Deity within and beyond Creation.

The Yoga of the Sun unfolds the conceptual understanding and practical methods for meditational attunement to the Solar Logos, the Creator and Indwelling Consciousness of the Solar Sytem.

The Way of Service addresses the profound opportunity to serve the true Guardians of our planet, the Spiritual Hierarchy.



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Introduction III: The New Spirituality

Part 9 The Path of Return
49 The Aquarian Way
50 The Aquarian Group-Consciousness
51 The Science of Meditation
52 Meditation Practice
53 The Heart and Spontaneous Meditation [Free Download]

Part 10 The Way of the Heart
54 The Heart and the Lost Art of Prayer [Free Download]
55 Hrdayam: Meditations in the Heart Centre
56 The Heart and the Future Evolution of Man
57 The Way of Holiness

Part 11 The Way of Spiritual Psychology
58 The Psychology of Consciousness
59 Time and Eternity: Action and Destiny [Free Download]
60 Metanoia: The Renaissance of the Mind
61 Mahavakya: Great Truth Statements

Part 12 The Worship of the Goddess
62 The Great Goddess
63 The Heart of the Divine Mother
64 Sri Vidya: The Holy Science
65 The One-Hundred Names of Lalita

Part 13 The Yoga of the Sun
66 The Mystery of the Sun [Free Download]
67 The Gayatri-Mantra
68 Works of Silence
69 Salutations to the Sun

Part 14 The Path of Service
70 Buddhi Yoga: Liberation by Wisdom
71 The Call to Service
72 In Service to the Spiritual Hierarchy

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