HEAVENS & HELLS OF THE MIND – Volume II: Tradition


Heavens and Hells of the Mind is a major treatise on Human Consciousness and the Wisdom Science which embraces contemporary spiritual life. This is the second volume of an award winning four volume set.

Volume II – Tradition, unveils six major spiritual traditions: Yoga, Christianity, Zen, Sufism, Tantra and the Warrior School, reflecting a cross-section of Eastern and Western approaches to Reality. There is only one Transcendental Reality, one Beingness, and through pure Devotion, selfless Surrender and Service, you may approach It by any religious path.

This volume transcends intellectual description of these traditions. In each section the author merges his consciousness into the teachings and energies of a particular tradition in the Here and Now, evoking the inner essence of that tradition while uplifting it into the Spirit of Now.

The reader will discover in these pages that all geniune traditions, all the great religions, all true spiritual paths, have issued from one Universal Source. Though the languages, qualities and emphases may differ, the great spiritual traditions are One.

Through the blend of Knowledge, Practice and Inspiration presented in this volume, readers coming from any of these traditions may well understand their Path for the first time.



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Introduction II: By Whichever Path

Part 3 Yoga: The Science of Union
23 The Goal of Yoga [Free Download]
24 Gems from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
25 Astanga Yoga
26 The Yoga of Miraculous Powers

Part 4 Pure Christianity: The Religion of Love
27 Teachings of the Saints
28 The Heart of Christianity
29 Christian History
30 Jesus the Christed One
31 Christian Fundamentalism
32 Christian Prayer
33 The Christian Path
34 The Greek Mystery Language

Part 5 Zen: The Path to Enlightenment
35 The Spirit of Zen [Free Download]
36 The Eternal Tao
37 Zen Meditation
38 The Path of Zen

Part 6 Sufi Meditation: The Way of the Holy Fire
39 The Sufi
40 The Sufi Heart
41 Sufi Prayer
42 Sufi Mind

Part 7 Tantra: The Path of Relationship
43 The Circle of Love
44 The One-Hundred-and-Twelve

Part 8 The Warrior School: The Way of the Noble Warrior
45 The Spiritual Warrior [Free Download]
46 Warrior Training
47 The Primordial Sound Language
48 The Warrior Code

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