Heavens & Hells of the Mind – Volume IV: Lexicon


Heavens and Hells of the Mind is an award winning major treatise on Human Consciousness and the Wisdom Science. This is the final volume of an award winning four volume set. Volume IV –  Lexicon is a key which unlocks the reservoir of Knowledge and Practice contained within the first three volumes.  Through the information provided here, the work becomes effective as both a reference work and a teaching manual.

The Detailed Contents present a sequential list of headings and captions to assist the reader in locating material of interest.

The Lexicon of the Wisdom Language defines the esoteric and spiritual terms appearing in this work, along with many others in both English and the Sacred Languages. For the students of old, Knowledge was about invisible realilites, forces, energies, realms, entities and so on,  and they named these things. Hence the importance of learning the ancient words in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic.

The Index provides the reader with ready access to the full range of subject matter, including the wealth of pracdical guidance, meditational practices and mantras.

The work ends with a brief introduction to the Foundation for Higher Learning, an international Spiritual School embodying the principles contained in these volumes.




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Appendix D The Foundation for Higher Learning


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