Peace of Mind in a Troubled World


“Peace of Mind won’t come from your friends, relatives, workmates, politicians, governments or the weather. You need to establish it within yourself. It is possible.” Real Peace is a frequency of vibration of our inner being, an interior Quiet and Stillness that arises naturally when the mind and emotions are still.

When read slowly and with contemplation, “Peace of Mind in a Troubled World” by Imre Vallyon will help you remain more tranquil and peaceful in this troubled, ever-changing world. It is an inspiring, beautiful, and easy-to-understand book for the spiritual seeker, complete with practical advice and meditation techniques that will help you complete your spiritual journey in this lifetime.


This download is in EPUB, MOBI and PDF format. It can be read on all popular ebook readers.


Table of Contents

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. The Three States of your Mind
  3. The Secret of Materialistic Tendencies
  4. The Secret of Spiritual Tendencies
  5. Spiritual Reawakening
  6. Purity and Stillness
  7. Reincarnation and Karma
  8. Cause and Effect: the Fundamental Law of your Mind
  9. Your Supernatural Evolution
  10. The Spiritual Science of Meditation
  11. Practical Meditations
  12. Lifestyle Changes necessary to attain Peace of Mind
  13. Peace of Mind in Action
  14. Rest in Calm Tranquillity
  15. To Attain the State of Samādhi
  16. Obstacles to Progress: Problems encountered on the Path
  17. Divine Grace
  18. Enlightenment in this Lifetime
  19. Liberation in the After-Death Condition
  20. The Healing Benefits of the Haṁsah-Sōhaṁ Natural Breath Meditation
  21. Self-Realization through the Haṁsah-Sōhaṁ Breathing Process
  22. The Light of God
  23. Gāyatrī Mahā Mantra
  24. The Peace of the Enlightened



Imre Vallyon