The Spiritual Path 8: Karma


“Many people don’t know about Karma, or if they do they have a very superficial knowledge: that it is part of Hindu philosophy. They do not realize that it relates to them personally. Karma is not just an idea or a philosophy; it is a very dynamic reality. You are here because of your karma, and your karma is guiding you every moment of your life. That is how real it is.”


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In “Karma: How To Break Free Of Its Chains”, author Imre Vallyon explains how Karma affects your life and your journey on the Spiritual Path, and why it is so important to clearly understand it and work with it intelligently and scientifically. You will learn of the three main types of Karma and how, in a personal and practical way, you can begin to neutralize these karmas and more rapidly progress towards your spiritual goal in this lifetime. This comprehensive little book on Karma offers clarity and empowerment for the spiritual seeker.



Imre Vallyon