The Sedona Talks


Based on a series of talks given at Sedona, USA in 1994, this book is perhaps even more relevant now to North America and our present world situation than it was in 1994. The Sedona Talks is a powerhouse of spiritual teaching for all students on the Spiritual Path, whether beginners or advanced. Readers will be drawn into a beautiful world of light, peace, and tranquillity; a world of absolute love, bliss, and joy; a world of true meaning, where all the fundamental questions of life are answered—the amazing reality that the Kingdom of God is all around them. “The soul is a tremendous Intelligence within you! Your Plan is simply to have perfect alignment between the Living Soul within you and your personality. As soon as you connect to your Soul, you awaken to World-Responsibility. When we become world-responsible, the planet is revitalized and regenerated by our presence.


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Table of Contents

Prologue: A Gathering of Souls
1 Condition Critical
2 The Human Archetype
3 Death and Destiny
4 Atlantis America
5 Salvation with Diligence
6 The Spiritual School
Epilogue: Sedona ‘96


Imre Vallyon