The Spiritual Path 1: Why Meditate?

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Most of us in the West today meditate purely for relaxation or to relieve stress, not realizing that the true purpose of meditation is to experience ourselves as the immortal Living Soul that we are.


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In “Why Meditate?” Imre Vallyon explains the human being’s true multidimensional nature; why a good meditation needs to be simple; why relieving stress or the development of psychic powers are not the primary objectives of meditation; and how we can effortlessly still the mind and become aware of our Higher Reality. Meditation is a scientific and systematic connecting process that allows us to become consciously immortal while living in this world.

This book will help you understand the real reason why you should meditate. “Meditation is based on the very simple truth that you already are a Living Soul. You don’t have to make yourself be that; you already are that. It is simply a matter of realizing it, of coming to know it as a direct experience. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you already; Nirvana is within you already. All you need to do is connect to It in a direct way. That is all.”


Imre Vallyon