The Spiritual Path 11: What You Need for your journey you already have within you


The Spiritual Path is actually very simple; where you are and what you are is already the Path—and you are already on it. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to become something else. In “What You Need For Your Journey You Already Have Within You”, author Imre Vallyon explains a new way of looking at the Spiritual Path: not so much as a journey but as a further unveiling of what you already are as a multidimensional human being.


So why is everybody not enlightened and experiencing what they already are? Here the author clearly outlines the obstacles to Higher Consciousness and how, in the moment itself, we can remove those obstacles that prevent us from seeing and knowing ourselves as we truly are. It is a matter of shifting our attention: from thinking about attaining something in the future, to actually being in the moment. And being in the moment simply means to go beyond the particular limitation, whatever it is, and jumping over it into the Eternal Moment.


Imre Vallyon