2566 | How we see Ourselves on the Inner Planes

Session 2566 MP3, New Zealand, April 2002, 70 mins. This is a 47MB download.


This is a talk towering in its knowledge and understanding imparted, and hugely valuable for anybody seeking to understand the Spiritual Path. It allows us to so clearly understand what it will be like when we die, as we all will, and move, as we all will, into the Invisible Realms. We know that our physical bodies must and will die. What many don’t know is that when we do, our feelings and thoughts live on, in our emotional and mind bodies, in their own dimensions – realms which are of the same invisible substance as feelings and thoughts. Further, we have, or are, the Soul, and beyond even that, we are the Monad and the Spirit.

In this talk, Imre makes a play out of having us die on all the levels which are the path of the Spiritual Journey, from the physical to the Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic and Nirvanic Realms. He explains as we ‘die’ on the one and ascend to the next, what we will be like, and what each world is like, seeking to inspire us to not feel impatient with the slowness of progress on this lowest and most dense of planes, the Physical World. If we work steadily and persevere with intelligence and knowledge while we’re alive, we’ll speed up our return to the glories of the Kingdom of God, known as Nirvana in the Eastern systems, and which is the Source, beginning and end of all things. That highest of Realms is in fact our true home, that from which we descended and to which we will return.



Imre Vallyon