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In a further extension of the previous talks, Imre explains that for hundreds of thousands of years, each Plane of Being existed separately, each with its own different beings and forms of life, its own energy, matter and consciousness structure, and each with a boundary called, “the Ring-Pass-Not”. The Physical, Astral, Causal, Buddhic and Nirvanic Dimensions functioned globe within globe like a Chinese puzzle.

But, a wave of energy is descending from the Upper Planes to stimulate higher evolution, as Imre has described in previous talks. The new vibration will actually permeate physical matter. This means there will be a break in the boundary between the Astral and Physical Worlds. There will be a down-rush of energies from the Astral to the Ethereal-Physical Dimension and in time, they will break right into the solid, physical Earth level and the two Worlds will merge.

This is gradually happening in your lifetime. You’ll see signs of it in the sky and on the ground. Crop circles – those not done by university students! – are one manifestation of the intrusion of Astral Energies, as ways to show us Cosmic Design. There will be many changes and everything will appear more intense. When you cry or are happy, it will be more intense; your thoughts will be more intense. As your internal Consciousness expands, you’ll understand you can sustain yourself in more radical ways than working all week to earn the money to live and eat. We won’t need to go to the supermarket because we will actually feed off Prana, the Universal Life-Force, and will naturally enjoy Samadhi, the state of silence and peace. The whole process of the birth and death of the physical body will change which Imre describes for us. We will be able to see the Astral in the same way as we now see the Physical. You’ll see a tree and its aura and know if the tree is sick and what it lacks. A doctor who manages to become astrally conscious will be able to see imbalances in your aura and heal you through your aura. There will be no break between day and night because the Astral Light will penetrate the Physical World day and night, and it will be daytime all the time. This merging of Worlds is the ‘Hope of the Ages’. It was tried in Lemurian and Atlantean times and wasn’t successful. Imre gives the assurance that it’s all going to be quite a gradual change, but increasingly, you will see changes in the atmosphere, in yourself and other people. What you can do on the individual level is train yourself in experiencing higher energies now so that when the down-pouring comes from the Astral to the Physical, you’ll be ready. If you’re ready, you’ll simply ascend, out of the body into a new horizon, into Eternal Life, into a State of Freedom.



Imre Vallyon