3628 | The Shining Forth of the Hidden Light; Sound-Breathing of IO, The Hidden Light – click to listen free


Session 3628 MP3, New Zealand, November 2009, 39 mins. This is a 27MB download.


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IO exists in the Maori and Polynesian traditions and was also in ancient Greece Mystery Schools as the name for the Hidden Light, the Deity. But IO is just not a name of the Deity – it is the Deity. IO is in actuality within every human being, every Angel, every God and Goddess. But it is hidden until that entity consciously develops the faculty to perceive it. You have that brilliant Light within you. God incarnate is inside you already; we are already Divine but don’t experience it. So then the question arises: how can we do that? The answer is that IO is also the technique of Light. With it, you can directly invoke the Hidden Light.

At present, most of us can’t perceive the Light because of our human constitution. All entities perceive only that which is of the same frequency as themselves but the Hidden Light is of a tremendously high-frequency, fine, intense and quick vibration. To perceive it will take effort, concentration and work so why should you try? Because your level of Energy will increase, your Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion and inner Powers and Abilities will unfold. You will be a changed person, multi-dimensional, with vast understanding, infinite compassion and infinite ability to change society for the better. The Hidden Light will shine forth like a dazzling Sun inside you and then you know you can help the Planet leap forward in evolution and can bless humankind to evolve faster than intended by Nature. Is this not a wonderful goal?

Imre gives detailed instructions on how to use IO. With this technique, you’re trying to penetrate the layers which are obstructing the Light, through the dense vibrations of the physical, emotional and mental bodies to the pure vibration of Buddhi, the Divine Intelligence within you, and beyond to the Atmic Light, the Light of the Spirit, IO. The technique of IO is about reconnecting to the Source of Light, about actually connecting to the Deity.

IO is intoned physically in this recording and Imre also asks that it be it silently, in the mind, imagining that you’re standing on a high mountain intoning to the whole Cosmos, the whole wide Infinitude, with all your Heart and Soul, letting the vibration stretch out to Infinity.



Imre Vallyon