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3561 | Merkava, The Planetary Body of Light – click to listen free ,

Session 3561 MP3, Germany, July 2009, 32 mins. This is a 22 MB download.


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Merkava, a word from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, will help us understand the mystery of the Planetary Body of Light. The ancient Israelites spent quite a few decades in Egypt. Moses was brought up by the Egyptian High Priests and was very much in the know about the Egyptian Spiritual Science and learnt about Merkava. The word transferred into the Hebrew language when the Israelites moved from Egypt back to their own land.

Apart from your normal, natural bodies – the Etheric-Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies – there is a possibility of Merkava or the Body of Light. Through certain techniques, this other body is build inside you which becomes the embodiment in which you can live, and at the moment of death, you step into it. It is trans-dimensional and subject to neither physical laws nor the Laws of the Inner Worlds or the Heavenly Dimensions. It is made of Light at its finest point of resonance and is beyond space-time and any dimensional constriction whatsoever. The transference of consciousness from one body to the other is the natural phenomenon in the birth and death processes. However, if you’ve intelligently built your Body of Light during this lifetime, then at the moment of your death, instead of flicking over to your normal psychic body, you simply flick into your Light Body. Then your consciousness becomes Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient – no boundaries, no constrictions, no restrictions.
The Science of Gayatri is the way to build the Light Body. When you intone the Gayatri Mantra, you are building a fine filament of Light around yourself, and if you keep repeating it, that filament of Light increases and increases until you are surrounded by a beautiful Body of Light.

That’s on the personal level. Then, if we use the Gayatri in a group, we are actually building the Planetary Body of Light, building a Light Body for our Mother Earth. This Body will transfuse all the various realms so that there will be no divisions in the planet itself; the divisions between the Worlds will disappear. This is another possibility for the planet which is already within Her Evolutionary State. The Planet has to make this Body in which she will finally become a boundless, intelligent Light Being with no restrictions whatsoever. In other words, this transformation process has to do with Our Mother becoming Cosmic and Boundless through her Planetary Body of Light. Humanity can help the planet do that, by invoking the Light with the Gayatri Mantra.



Imre Vallyon