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3544 | Conscious Death and Liberation in this Life-Cycle – click to listen free ,

Session 3544 MP3, Germany, July 19 2009, 25 mins. This is a 17 MB download.


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Here, Imre expands on the talk on Session 3542 and asks that we take note of the phrase: Conscious Death and Liberation in this Life-Cycle. It means to break the Law of the Wheel of Life, the chain of cause and effect – reincarnation. We keep circulating around and around between the Physical, Astral and the Causal Worlds life after life after life. This could be likened to continually repeating a particular school year and the summer holidays over and over and again and again, never ‘graduating’ to the next grade. Unless we do something about it, that is how we are going to go on for the rest of Eternity. We are born and we die, are born and die again and again, never even learning that there are higher ‘grades’ we can move to, let alone actually moving to them.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Ancients discovered that there is a secret to breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death, and it is to die a conscious death – in other words, when we die, to leave our physical body consciously and enter the inner dimensions consciously, able to function in the inner dimensions consciously. Then the Lords of Karma have no cause to force us back into incarnation. Once the Ancient Adepts discovered how to break this cycle, they began to teach it to their disciples. They devised methods like Mantra and chanting whereby the disciples could begin to experience the other dimensions while in the physical body, to feel the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit, and hear the inner Divine Music, the Shabda-Brahman. Sadly, humanity has forgotten this knowledge which Imre now gives us again.

We have three possible times when we can attain Conscious Self-Liberation: now, while we’re alive, or at the moment of our death, or in the intermediary period on the Inner Dimensions after death. Imre describes all this in some detail and explains how we can purify ourselves, raise our vibrations, to the point of being in tune with the vibrations of the higher planes. To not work at this will mean we will die on the same frequency at which we lived, and will then simply be forced back into incarnation – until we understand that we don’t have to keep doing that and learn how not to.

Every moment of your life you have the choice to raise yourself up to the exalted states or stay down in worldly consciousness. However, the moment of your death decides your life after that. The state you’re in when you die seals your future. Die in a materialistic state of mind and you miss the boat this lifetime. There’s nothing you can change then – you cannot force the Laws of Karma which rule the Inner Dimensions. It’s all to do with you and you can’t argue with St. Peter at the gate! Imre asks that we think about our moment of death now. If you died this very second, where would you go? Be honest with yourself! Do you have high-frequency vibration resonating within yourself? Would you be able to tune in to that beautiful, amazing Sounding-Light Current, God in Incarnation, which is reverberating throughout all of Creation and which will enable you to move above and beyond the Cycle of Birth and Death? Could you tune in to it right now?




Imre Vallyon