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Session 3539 MP3, Holland, May 2009, 68 mins. This is a 47 MB download.


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As the title suggests, this talk is about Peace and Power, qualities which many of us lack in our lives. Imre explains what those are, not from just the generally accepted understanding of them but from the more profound level of tapping into those qualities on a far higher level, the Divine Realms, and bringing the far more potent Divine Peace and Divine Power into our lives. How? By turning our attention and focus from always being in the outer world to our inner selves, and in meditation, reconnecting to our Inner Light – the Light Within – and then returning to our usual lives, being “in the world” with those qualities alive and functioning in us.

Power means you are able to do, to act, to direct your life, to fulfil your dreams. Peace means that you can do it with a tranquil mind, with an open mind and an open and loving heart. It means being at ease and in harmony with your environment and the people around you, with the whole Cosmos, and with the God within yourself. To find a human being on this planet who is peaceful and at the same time powerful is very, very rare indeed.

We all have problems and difficult times in our lives, but if we can utilise Divine Peace and Divine Power, we will handle those problems much more easily. They’ll still be there – how we deal with them is what will be hugely changed, and infinitely for the better.

Here again in this talk, as in 3537 and 3538, Imre assumes that listeners have a good deal of knowledge of the inner, invisible Planes of Being in both ourselves and in the Cosmos, and of the fact that human beings are far more than just our physical bodies and personalities.

Towards the end of the talk, Imre explains a meditation technique with which we can beautifully and easily gain Peace. It’s called, “Listening to the Light” and its focus is on inner listening, to the Sound aspect of the God. God is Light and God is Sound. God is Sounding-Light. It expresses Itself as Light, and as Sound Vibration, also often referred to as the Music of the Spheres and the Angelic Choirs. These the human is able to hear inside ourselves, beyond the initial silence of inner listening, as a fine, high-frequency vibration, and tune in to. For the human to plunge directly into the Divine Light is more difficult than hearing Divine Sound, because Divine Sound is closer to us – it’s a densification of the Light. But we can access the Light through Mantra, and Imre explains how this is so.

This is a highly inspirational talk likely to be tremendously helpful for you if Divine Peace and Divine Power are qualities you would like to attain, and gainfully use in your life.



Imre Vallyon