3810 | The Science of Spirituality Today, and Planetary Transformation; Mantra Repetition: OM NAMO OM NAMAH – click to listen free


Session 3810 MP3, New Zealand, February 2011, Talk 62 mins, intoning 25 mins. This is a 59 MB download.


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A powerful and passionate talk where Imre explains why we are experiencing more frequent and more severe natural disasters as well as extreme weather, and that the severity and frequency of these events are going to increase. People all over the globe are also stirred up to the point of rioting and even bringing down governments. This too will increase. Imre made the point strongly that these stirrings will come to New Zealand too because every part of the planet is going to experience turmoil, both in Nature and in people. This was two days before the devastating Christchurch earthquake. The ‘super quake’ in Japan occurred only a few weeks later.

In setting out the reasons for all this, Imre exhorts us understand them and to in fact co-operate with what’s happening. We can’t do anything about the turmoil of Nature but we can do much about how we cope with everything which will come, and part of that is through attaining Conscious Unity in meditation. Tremendous Light and Cosmic Intelligence are pushing down to this Dimension from the Divine Planes. Receive it and do something with it. Give it to humanity. If you are one who understands this message, you have to help your immediate environment, your family, your workmates, your nation, your tribe, your country, your religion, wherever you are. Radiate that Light to them, that Wisdom and Intelligence. You don’t have to talk about it. Just radiate it out and as you do, others will catch it and slowly, the radiance of the Light will spread all over the planet.

Humanity has to understand that the planet is in a tremendous crisis which is a tremendous opportunity, greater than the opportunities mankind was given in Lemuria and Atlantis which, in our ignorance, we missed. Now, we are helped by our own Spiritual Hierarchy and as soon as you step on the Path properly, you will feel Light and Wisdom coming to you, Love and a great Benediction, a Blessing. You will be protected wherever you go – you will feel something like a shield around you, a goodness.

The Sanskrit Mantra, OM NAMO OM NAMAH, is a way of opening your Third Eye to the Spiritual Light, the frequency of Pure Light. We use the Mantra to open the Third Eye Cakra – not to become psychics but to be spiritually realised, to become Sages who have Wisdom, ones who are fused with the inner Light of Reality.

Intoning of the Mantra is on this recording following Imre’s talk.



Imre Vallyon