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3542 | Inter-Dimensional Awakening, and Planetary Transformation – click to listen free ,

Session 3542 MP3, Germany, July 19 2009, 46 mins. This is a 30MB download.


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Most people are in worldly consciousness, which is a relatively stable frequency reflected in the routine parts of normal daily living – work life, family life and all they entail. Also, most people have heard about the coming of the Aquarian Age but think of it more as simply the way the Solar System moves through space resulting in different astrological energies. This is true but beyond that is a unique possibility for our planet and for every human being on it: “Inter-Dimensional Awakening, and Planetary Transformation”. This awakening is not just for the few as happened in past epochs. Now, there is a possibility for all of humanity to awaken into a higher dimensional awareness.

This is both an opportunity and a tremendous crisis. Higher frequencies are descending from the Nirvanic Dimension, pushing down onto the lower dimensions and are now already slowly manifesting in the Astral and Physical Dimensions. Within perhaps the next 25, 50 or 100 years, that stable frequency of worldly consciousness and living will slowly dissolve. Already huge changes have taken place on the physical level since the Aquarian Age energies began manifesting around 1875, such as cars, computers, communications. Up to now, the changes affected only our physical lives. This ‘Awakening’ is about your consciousness itself, your inner essence. This could be a huge crisis for the hundreds of millions of people who deny the existence of any invisible order of life, or of God, the Soul or the Spirit. Some may be able to handle it but most will not.

The urgency of the Spiritual Teachers at this time is to impress on people that you can actually prepare yourself for the manifestation of Divine Energies on this physical plane. Imre been doing this for the last 30 years, very steadily. Mantras serve only one purpose: to speed up your consciousness so that you are able to register higher vibrations and be in tune with them. Imagine you are walking along a road and can suddenly sense astral entities all around you, such as those who have died to this physical plane. This is what is coming and unless you are prepared for it, it will have very great impact on you – perhaps even on your sanity.

When the pressure of the higher frequencies really starts working – within the next 20 or 30 years – you will actually begin to hear the internal Sound of them within the atmosphere itself. That Sounding-Light Vibration will be heard everywhere on the planet and when it can be, you’ll know that the planet is ready for Planetary Transformation, and also that you can be liberated, can go into Inter-Dimensional Awakening where your conscious being enters a higher frequency of reality. The Sound will be either like the roar of a distant fire or indescribably beautiful music, ‘The Music of the Spheres’, permeating everything and everybody on this planet. This is a unique opportunity for Planet Earth, that your wish and the wishes of thousands and thousands of persons can be fulfilled. This is “The Great Day”, over the next 200 or 300 years, which the Ancients have forecast since time immemorial.




Imre Vallyon