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Here, Imre introduces two very large and interrelated topics which are hugely important for humanity and Planet Earth now: Planetary Transformation and the Esoteric Understanding of the Spiritual Path. To expand on Planetary Transformation, Imre refers to several chapters from his latest publication, named ‘Planetary Transformation’. He explains that great changes are coming to our planet and have distinct causes or reasons. One is the more well-known and cyclical occurrence of our Solar System’s moving out of the star system Pisces and into the influence of Aquarius. Others are inter-dimensional change and the coming of the Light. These go beyond the earthquakes and severe weather patterns which are happening now all around the planet and which will increase over the next three hundred years. The physical phenomena are not the whole picture. They’re just the results of far greater influences impacting on our Solar System and which have nothing to do with the shift into the Aquarian Age. If we’re able to absorb the knowledge of those greater influences, we’ll be greatly assisted in going through the physical difficulties which will come in our lifetimes. But further, we will also understand how important putting ourselves squarely onto the Spiritual Path has become.

The Universe is multi-layered with the physical world being just one and the lowest and most dense dimension of it. Those greater influences mentioned above are coming down from the highest dimensions of the Cosmos, indeed from the Divine Mind, the Mind of God. That is pushing a colossal energy wave onto the Worlds below, down and down through the Planes of Being, finally putting pressure on the physical structure of our Planet Earth. That pressure is the real cause of the problems we’re having such as the earthquakes, floods, tidal waves and hurricanes.

All of this is not haphazard or accidental but part of a Cosmic Divine Plan and this is the crux of Imre’s talk, leading in to his explaining what that Plan is and its purpose – and our part in it, as a human family and as individuals. He is referring to the transformation of human consciousness, and this is where the Spiritual Path comes in. This is a time of opportunity for Cosmic Evolution individually and planetary-wise, whereby we can attain freedom from bondage to the lower worlds. Grasping that opportunity does require that we avail ourselves of correct Spiritual Techniques. In the following three talks, Imre gives detailed explanation of some of these.



Imre Vallyon