3630 | How to Develop your Powers and Abilities; ‘Listening to the Rain’ Meditation – click to listen free


Session 3630 MP3, New Zealand, November 2009, 34 mins. This is a 23 MB download.


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Here, Imre discusses a profound State of Consciousness and Being. There are moments in your life when you do something very well, maybe study or martial arts’ movements. They just flow with no problems and you feel satisfied, harmonised inside yourself, joyous and you seem to expand through them. These are examples of a place where you can shine. It’s not really a place; it’s a state of being when you effortlessly express something which takes you beyond yourself, where your inward ability comes through spontaneously, without hard work and strain.

We’ve all probably discovered that accidentally a few times but we can be shining all of the time. That “place” is actually a permanent state inside us. It’s just that normally, we don’t use it. It’s the radiance of the Soul; it’s Cosmic Intelligence and we can recover it. But how can we master it consciously and invoke it at will until it is permanent in us? Imre gives another sentence, the ‘how’: “Power lies in the Moment when there is no Gap between Thought and Action.” If your thought and action are simultaneous, there’s infinite energy and power behind them. Every human being has this Power which can liberate. One day, it will liberate all mankind and then all of humanity will become a Master Warrior, a master artist, a master thinker, a master doer, a master planner or a master creator – once they discover that Power lies in the moment when there is no gap between thought and action. Infinite Power and ability are already within us. They just need to be used – they just need to be unlocked.

Imre ended the session with a very simple meditation – listening to the rain. To do this, you need to be in the state of “Power lies in the Moment when there is no Gap between Thought and Action”. You just listen to the rain and that’s all, but if you discover how to do it, you gain All-Power.



Imre Vallyon