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Session 2814 MP3, Germany June 2004, 67 mins. This is a 44MB download.


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Most of us identify with a minute reality we call the personality: our physical body, mind and emotions. And we seek its worldly needs: wealth, happiness, a partner, children. Before we can intelligently seek the true meaning of life, we have to understand who we really are, and that is far beyond the personality. Body-mind-emotions is an extremely limited, and temporary, reality when compared to the grandeur of what the human being really is. Imre asks us to think about what the churches and great traditions have taught since the beginning of time, that beyond the personality, there is an Immortal Principle inside you which you were before you were born, and which will survive after your physical death and the dissolution of your mind and fluctuating emotional states. What if all the religions are right? Have you ever taken what they say seriously? What is that other principle they talk about? Where is it? And how do we access it? Body-mind-emotions pass away. That other principle is the Living Soul – an indestructible, Eternal, Glorious Reality which will never pass away. To seek that is to step on the Spiritual Path, to move beyond our limited perception of ourselves and discover and be what we really are: Shining Beings of Infinite Intelligence, Love, Power and Glory. Imagine, if every human being became established in the shining Being of Light which we eternally are, and which has Divine Knowledge we can use to order our lives and society, how different would the seemingly endless struggles of life on this planet be?



Imre Vallyon