3772 | The First Stage of the Spiritual Path Techniques: Calmness of Breathing, and of Consciousness – click to listen free


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If you manage to prepare yourself through techniques such as these, you’ll be ready when the cataclysms which are coming do come and you’ll easily go through them. If you’re not ready, you’ll be lost like the many others who will be totally confused and panicked. So these techniques are not only good for your Spiritual Life but also for the coming stressful world situation which is happening now and will happen over the next 300 years.

First, for Calmness of Consciousness, you need to calm the physical body and see that there is no agitation or stress in it. When the physical body is calmed, it’s easier to calm your breathing, then your thinking and when that’s calm, it’s easy to calm your consciousness. And when the consciousness is calm, the Light will appear, the internal Light of the Mind.

Pivotal to attaining Calmness of Consciousness is to abide in your Self-Nature and the keys to this are stillness, silence and solitude. Imre presents a technique which gives you total harmony, total peace, total quiet, total at-onement, no desire for anything, just Pure Being.

Then, Calmness of Breathing involves subtle breathing as distinct from outer breathing. Here, you move inside, inter-dimensionally, inside your Consciousness Structure itself. To achieve calmness of breathing, we use another Sanskrit Mantra, SO-HAM. In the meditation on session 3770, OM S’RI guided the Mind; here, SO-HAM will guide the breathing process and harmonise it, which means that the breath becomes rhythmic and harmonious. As you go deeper, you get closer to first of all your own Divine Self, the Spirit within you, and secondly to the Deity within Creation. You actually begin to sense the pulsating Breath of the Deity, the Creator God or Brahma.

One final note Imre gave was that he doesn’t recommend we use this technique in daily life situations. If you use it before an exam for instance, you’ll transcend the exam and it will be totally meaningless to you! It’s important to practise all of these techniques in the right proportion. But with them, we can help ourselves deal with the world in a more rational and harmonious manner, which also by extension helps the whole of society and ultimately the functioning of our Mother Earth, and that’s what human beings were put on this planet for.



Imre Vallyon