3773 | Explanation of the Four Stages of the Spiritual Path; 2nd Stage Technique (Intensifying the Inner Life): Choice of Meditations in the Heart – click to listen free


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This session provides tremendous insight, knowledge and advice on the Spiritual Path as a whole.

First, Imre explained that in the next three hundred years, people will study Spirituality at school and university as a Science. It will not be left to inspiration like it was in the Old Testament times when people went into the desert or into caves by themselves and sincerely and fervently prayed to God, but with no Science behind what they did. Some of them succeeded but most did not. In the future, Spirituality will be a subject you’ll be able to choose to study and there will be professionally trained teachers who will take you from step one to step two and so on. This is all part of the evolving Plan so that the Spiritual Path will no longer be a hit-and-miss affair. Imre then set out the four Stages of the Spiritual Path in some detail: Treading the Spiritual Path, Intensifying the Inner Life, Transfiguration of Human Nature, and Supernatural Evolution which is the final Gift of Grace of the Deity to you, where your whole consciousness is lifted out of the personality structure altogether.

The meditation technique in this session is related to Stage Two of the Path, Intensifying the Inner Life. Imre first explained that there are several techniques within this stage which involve Sacred Chanting and the awakening of the Heart Cakra. Chanting is a fundamental practice of the Path. Basically, it is an activity of Purification, meaning that our normal, relatively low-frequency vibration is raised to a higher frequency through singing Sacred Mantras. Without an open Heart, you can never sense the Presence of the Deity, but open your Heart and you will understand that right here, within matter, is the Divine Presence. This understanding prepares you for the much bigger happening: the Transfiguration of the Human Nature where you move out of the Human Kingdom altogether and can ultimately attain the stature of such great Beings as the Christ and the Buddha.

Imre gave three ways to open the Heart with detailed explanation of how to practice each of them: visualisation, repeating a Mantra or Prayer, and using Mahavakya which are Statements of Truth. We can choose to use which of those methods we prefer, whichever one resonates with us most.



Imre Vallyon