3470 | In Search of Yourself – The Importance of Inward Turning; “Who Am I?” Meditation – click to listen free


Session 3470, New Zealand, November 2008, 54 mins. This is a 37MB download.


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For several years, Imre has presented Maori Spiritual Warrior Workshops in New Zealand. This is the opening talk of the November 2008 Workshop and is addressed to the attendees, yet also to spiritual seekers everywhere, those who have already stepped onto the Spiritual Path. Throughout the talk, Imre is quite direct in saying that if we want to attain Spiritual Heights, we must sit down and meditate every day. Beyond the physical body and personality, there’s another You, and that is eternal, immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, all-happy, all-serene, free of all problems. This is the Divine You, the real You. If you want to become your true Being, you have to turn inside. That’s the basic logic of Spiritual Life but it is the stage at which many on the Path fail. Intellectually, they know they have to meditate and focus energy inside but daily life intervenes and often there’s no time to do it.

The biggest obstacle to progress is yourself – how you organise your life. And you won’t progress through study or reading books. If you study carving from books until you know all about it in your mind but you’ve never done a carving, are you a master carver? Of course not, because you have no practical experience. To become a master of anything, practice is important. So if you want to become enlightened, you must practise, practise, practise and work on your own transmutation and the revelation of your own Divine Being. You have to turn inside yourself.

But where inside yourself? For most students, the Heart is the easiest. Why? Because at the beginning of the history of the Planet, the Elohim who created Mankind placed in the deepest region of the Heart Cakra a little image of Divinity made out of pure Nirvanic Light. That little image stays with us life after life. It sleeps or vibrates at a low key until we seek it out, awaken it and activate it. When it’s awakened, it guides and pushes us towards realising our Divinity. That image will give you tremendous inner power and strength to fulfil your task in this life, of why you were put on this Planet. You will automatically be drawn inside yourself. It will propel you from inside and you will feel you have to meditate.

If you don’t because of the pull of the outer world, you’ll feel overwhelming disappointment with yourself when you die. You’ll realise you were given the golden opportunity of a Spiritual Teacher and a true Teaching and did not use them. If you reject that help and simply remain ‘in the world’, the sense of loss and sorrow that you missed out on the journey again this lifetime will be great. You’ve quit this physical body and are on ‘the other side’; this life is finished and you cannot rewind the clock. The opportunity is lost.

The Teacher can give you the method, inspiration and subtle energies to help you but beyond that, you have to do your own work. Imre then gives instructions on an ancient and simple but profound meditation, whereby you sit quietly and focus in the Heart Cakra and quietly ask yourself, “Who am I?” It’s a question addressed to that little Divine Spark within your Heart and is designed to help us re-discover who we really are.

After a while, you begin to sense that that Divine Being is pulling you deeper and deeper within until you, the questioner, and You, the Divine Being, are One. The answer is there in that Oneness, when there’s nothing but Oneness. You realise you and Divinity are One. There are no more questions. There’s 100 percent sure knowledge. You are the Absolute, the All. You are one with all Mankind. You are the Ocean of Life. You are the Reality itself. This is the answer, and it comes to you simply by plunging deeper and deeper into your real Being.

The beautiful part of this meditation is that there are no rules to it. You can do it anywhere, any time, on a train, in the toilet, anywhere, and also just before you go to sleep. Just become still and drop your attention to the inner space in the centre of your chest and ask, “Who am I?” Leave it at that, simply remain in silence and don’t engage the mind with answers. It’s the simplest meditation and leads to most profound mystical experiences. This is a sure gateway towards the Kingdom of God.



Imre Vallyon