2980 Audio | The Science of Spiritual Life

Session 2980 MP3, Germany June 2005, 70 mins. This is a 55MB download.


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Present-day science is material knowledge, like chemistry or physics. But is there a Spiritual Science? There have been many attempts by different religions to create some sort of understanding about Spiritual Life. This we call ‘theology’. Theology is something you believe in; science is something you can prove to yourself. There’s a huge difference. Can you have proof of the existence of God, the Soul, the Angelic Hierarchies and spiritual evolution? There have always been some people who weren’t happy to just believe. These were the Mystics and they went out into the deserts, into caves and in later times into monasteries and nunneries and did their best through inspiration, extremely hard work, tremendous self-sacrifice and hardship. Hundreds of thousands tried but only a few ever attained, mainly because in those days, there was no ‘science’ which they could follow. Yes, there is a Spiritual Science. It’s emerging, in this Group and in others in the future, where Spiritual Growth will no longer be a hit-and-miss affair – where if you do particular processes, you’ll know that the experience of God, the Ultimate Reality, is real in your life, not a belief system but a real, dynamic, face-to-face experience. Since 1875, we entered the Aquarian Age, a mentally oriented Age. People don’t want theories, philosophy or metaphysics but a means whereby they can prove things: techniques and meditations through which to attain Self-Realisation or Union with God and not just read about it in books but actually learn how to do it. Ultimately, what you believe in doesn’t matter. What you experience does. You can be a proper spiritual scientist, able to build upon your Spiritual Science and attain Enlightenment in this lifetime. Then you’re no longer a pupil of Spiritual Science. You are a Master of Spiritual Science.



Imre Vallyon