3085 | The True Meaning of Competition


3085 MP3, NZ, Jan 2006, 48 mins. A 33 MB download.

Such an important talk for every person on the planet. If its message were enacted in daily life, wars, arguing and aggressive behaviour would simply no longer be. Imre bases this talk on the movie, ‘Hero’, in which one Master Warrior had the chance to kill a Master Warrior King but didn’t – because he saw that the King’s vision for their nation was greater than his own.
Humans are extremely competitive and always want to win and be the best. What’s wrong with that? When there’s a winner, there’s a loser, and that’s the key to so many of the problems of humanity.
Competitiveness should be used for our enhancement and growth.  It is a positive act; the involvement of the ego is the negative act. Use it to better yourself – that’s all – not to beat others, take their possessions, dominate, nor to pander to your ego in proving you’re better than others. Then there would be no winners, no losers, nobody feeling bad and nobody feeling proud. Remove the ego from our doings. In competition with another, do it together – not against each other but harmoniously, egolessly, selflessly, for the mutual benefit and upliftment of the whole Human Family.