3631 | Stopping the Wheel of Life, Reincarnation and Karma; Meditation: ‘When the Movements of the Mind come to an End, there is the Timeless’ – click to listen free


Session 3631 MP3, New Zealand, November 2009, 61 mins. This is a 36 MB download.


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In this talk, Imre explains what the Wheel of Life is and how it is related to Reincarnation and Karma. We’ve been incarnating on this planet for about four million years and we’ve all lived thousands of lives here over that vast time. Why? Because of that famous apple! That Adam and Eve (humanity) ate the apple symbolises our descent from ‘Paradise’ to this physical plane. Humanity chose to ‘eat’ of the material realm because we wanted to experience it, wanted to know what it was like. The problem is we’ve become so enmeshed in it and the people we meet and form relationships with that we’ve totally forgotten where we came from and why we came here. The tragedy of this is that most of us have also totally lost all knowledge of the indescribable grandeur, purity and beauty of our real home in the Inner Worlds: Nirvana, or the Kingdom of God.

During the many lives we’ve lived, we’ve met many of the same people, have sometimes been male, sometimes female, have married or had a close relationship with the same people – all over and over again. In those relationships, we create Karma and then have to work it out with those people and this working out can extend over several or many lives. We’re ever busy working out the results of our previous actions but in each life, we also create new causes which we’ll have to remedy when we come back next time, and this carries on again and again and again, life after life after life.

Imre goes on to explain how we can put a stop to this endless cycle, and also presents a meditation technique which, with practice, will help us do it, by taking us to the Timeless Condition, a tremendous free space inside all of us where there is incredible stillness, calmness, silence. If we can learn to do this at will, we can cease creating Karma, the cause of our constant return. Then do we become free of the Wheel of Life.

There is around 10 minutes of silence towards the end of this recording to enable you to meditate if you wish. Afterwards, Imre mentions how helpful this technique is when we’ve been upset by somebody and how to use it. It’s like stopping the wind which is stirring up the waves on a lake. The waves settle, the lake is calm – we are harmonised and at peace.



Imre Vallyon