3474 | The Secret of Breath: SO-HAM Mantra Meditation in the Heart

Session 3474 MP3, New Zealand, November 2008, 31 mins. This is a 22MB download.


The greatest Truths are very simple and this is one of them: the secret of Breath – your breathing.

This Breath technique in the Heart is a natural one, and one of the quickest, simplest and most efficient ways to become enlightened in this lifetime. Similarly with the “Who Am I?” Meditation on Session 3470, it can be practised anywhere, any time, any place, and everybody can do it, young and old. As long as you breathe, you can do it! When you discover the Secret of Breath, you are in a State of Yoga, and then you understand what Yoga really is. Yoga exercises help to calm your mind and make you healthier physically. They do have tremendous benefits, but they’re not Yoga. True Yoga is a state of consciousness – the State of Union, Oneness.

Before you were born, you were in your Astral Body and through it, you were breathing in the Astral World. Your Astral Body breathes in and out but more like how seaweed flows back and forth with the currents. When you are born in a physical body, the first thing the doctor does is make sure you breathe, because if you don’t, you cannot live. Nothing can exist without breathing. This is so also on the Astral and even your Soul is breathing; Angels breathe, God is breathing. Breath is the fundamental Law of all Existence. There is no entity which does not breathe in its own particular world or realm it lives in. All your life until you die, you breathe, and when you die, all it means is that your physical body stops breathing and you leave your body – and then you start breathing on the Astral. You are alive again there. It all takes place unconsciously, by nature.

When you are breathing in the Astral Dimension, you have a Sense of Unity. In the Higher Worlds, we don’t have the sense of your being an object here and other objects are there. We have the sense of flowing in with our environment, of Oneness, Union. The problem is that when you are born physically, that sense of Union disappears because your physical body does not expand in your breathing process. If it did, you’d have a greater sensation of the Physical Dimension – you’d be able to expand into the trees and back again, to the mountains, to the ocean. Your Higher Bodies expand and contract and are able to touch on the larger life around you. So, we have lost our sense of Union with all life. As soon as you are born, you lose it although some small children still feel it, not through the Physical, but through their Astral Body. But, in the physical body, the breathing process is limited. The body breathes only for self-maintenance, preservation, and does not extend so that you would be aware of the State of Unity in this Dimension.

Imre then explains how the Yogis of India centuries ago experimented with breathing to try to recreate that sense of Unity on this Physical Plane, first with simply watching the breath which they discovered calms the mind, makes you peaceful, non-violent, harmonises your emotions and gives energy and strength to your physical body.

Then they discovered that behind the natural breathing process is Mantra Sound, SO-HAM. Imre goes into detail about how to practise this tremendously important technique using SO-HAM with the breath, or the variations HAM-SAH or HA-SA which are also valid. The purpose of the meditation is to again reach the State of Union while in the Physical Body. The deeper the Inner Breathing, the greater the sensation of Oneness. When you breathe totally with the Spirit, then you feel Oneness with the whole Cosmos. That’s the State of Yoga, Union with the All-Reality. Touch that for even just one second and you’ll never regret that you started this work.



Imre Vallyon