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This is a talk in which Imre assumes that listeners have quite some knowledge of matters spiritual, such as the existence and reality of the inner, invisible Planes of Being in both ourselves and in the Cosmos, the great astrological Ages and the ramifications of the shifts from one to another, and of the Divine Plan which in the Divine Mind for our Solar System, and thus also for Planet Earth and all of humanity. This is a talk many-facetted in its detail and in the many aspects of Esoteric Knowledge Imre touches upon.

Imre states clearly that although from now and into the future, we are going to experience more and more extreme weather and other natural disasters, the world will not end in 2012, contrary to the many ‘prophesies’ of doomsday sayers. He says however, that we do need to be prepared for what is surely coming on the physical level. We are moving into a period of major Earth changes and upheaval. We have entered the Aquarian Age and into the influence of a new set of stars which has an impact upon our Solar System very different from those of the Piscean Age, and Mother Earth’s very atomic structure is being bombarded by the new cosmic radiations which are destabilising for her. Already we are witness to global warming and rising ocean levels along with man’s continued inhumanity to man and animals and the results of our gravely polluting the planet. Prior to the time of Noah and the great flood, warnings were given by Prophets but very few heeded them. Imre is here giving warning so that we may prepare and safely pass through this time.

But what Imre really wants us to know about and understand are two other major changes which are coming to humanity over the next two or three hundred years, which, if we can adjust to and move with through intelligent understanding, could mean that Earth and humanity will move into the much dreamt of “Golden Age”. Our inability to move our consciousness with the changes will mean that again, we will fail, as we did in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, and of Noah, in accomplishing the Divine Plan which is in the Divine Mind for us. The first of the changes involves the merging of the Physical and Astral Planes because of a tremendous increase in the Light Frequency pressing down through the Planes of Being, from the Nirvanic Level, or the Throne of God. This will bring a vast and stupendous transformation of civilisation. This Physical Plane will cease to exist, and all humans will be consciously aware of our immortality. There will be no sensation of birth and death and we will be fully conscious of the Astral World, that dimension we now go to during sleep and after the death of the physical body. We will live life from a more spiritual angle, from a far higher velocity of consciousness. We will be able to communicate with those whose physical bodies have died; we will be able to talk to Angels and Elemental Beings. Life on this planet will never be the same.

The second change now in motion has even far greater ramifications. More and more people are going to be able to experience Union with God, because Unity Consciousness is also pressing down on us from the Buddhic Dimension. Those who are mystically aware and those who meditate regularly will be able to pick up the Unity Consciousness vibration. In this Consciousness, also known as Cosmic Consciousness, past, present and future merge into one, there is all-knowingness and simply One Consciousness. What will this mean? Those in this Consciousness will shake the world up even more and further transform others towards this Divine Consciousness, until Earth is a radiating planet of Light, not blue as it looks now from outer space.

All of this is the Divine Plan for Mother Earth and humanity. It has been tried before but humanity would not follow the Plan. We can help bring it about this time, and here, Imre gives tremendously valuable advice about what we can do to get us through this amazing opportunity for transformation. Basically, we are going to be bombarded by a far higher velocity of vibrations than most of us will handle – unless we raise our own vibrations to match those new vibrations.

How can we do that? Through Mantra. True Mantra is not just music but is the putting together of scientifically formulated sounds – words and musical notes – which directly impinge on the Light Vibration, bring down the Light Energy and transform it to the point where we can absorb it, and be transformed by it. The words used in Mantras are from ancient languages which still have in them Mantric Frequency. Modern languages do not have this, so generally, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin and Arabic are used in Mantras. The Ancient Seers understood that God manifests Himself in Sound, which is a reflection of Universal Light Vibration; God is Sound. The Seers could pick up frequencies in the Omnipresent, Universal Sea of Sound and created Mantras from those frequencies which would transform human consciousness through their use.

Mantras actually do what they mean. To exemplify this, the evening was closed with the singing of a Sanskrit Mantra using the word, “Shanti”, which means the Peace of God, is constituted of the vibration of the Peace of God, and which therefore, brings that quality to us.



Imre Vallyon