3816 | Emptying the Mind of the Ego is Meditation; Guided Meditation – Only Sitting – click to listen free


Session 3816 MP3, Waitetuna Retreat Centre, New Zealand, April 2011, 39 mins. This is a 22 MB download.


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The technique of this session is based on the fact that inside us, we’re already Immortal, already Self-Realised, are already Divine Beings. We don’t have to create those but simply need to let go so that we realise it. What we’re striving for is already there. It’s just that we’ve covered it up with the personality. It’s so simple – remove the covering and we’re there. What’s the ego? It’s the little self – there’s also a big Self, your Soul or Spirit. The little self is what we normally function in – the complex mechanism of your physical body, mind, emotions, reactions, memories – the personality. So, “Emptying the Mind of the Ego is Meditation” already tells you what you have to do in this meditation – empty your mind of all the personality stuff.
That little self, the personality, is simply a conditioning process. The country, locality, the family, tribe or nation you’re born into conditions you. But wherever you’re born, that conditioning is not you because you are the same Soul every life. The ego is a temporary construct you adapt yourself to and believe in. It’s not you, the Eternal Self, the Immortal, Everlasting Reality. That’s timeless, boundless with no conditioning to limit it. Nothing limits it.
In this meditation, you try to go beyond your conditioning, beyond your sense of ‘I’, the ego. After a while, you get the sense that you’re not the limited personality you thought you are. It’s just temporary conditioning. In this lifetime in New Zealand, you may have been born Maori. When you were in Greece, you were born Greek and believed in that system; the same when you were born in Atlantis or wherever you were born in the past. You identified with that mode of being and you will do the same wherever you’re born in the future. Think about it. Is there permanency in it every time you identify with a different set of conditionings? Can that be the real You? No.
Actors identify with a part, a role. You’re asked to play a naughty person so you become that naughty person. Then your next part is to be a goodie and you play that. Being an actor is amazing training – it’s a form of meditation. You’re acting this part and tomorrow, you’ll act the next part. But who is the Essential Self? Who is the real actor? The actor is the Real You, and that’s unchanging no matter what part you act each life. The roles change but the actor is unchanging, is the one who is the Real Self behind the acting, the Eternal Soul.
In this meditation, we try to disidentify from the little self, our temporary manifestation, and to feel and experience who we really are. Imre guides us through the technique and explains afterwards that we’ll begin to feel that it’s not us doing the work but that something else inside starts working on us – the higher, Divine Self within us.




Imre Vallyon