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3538 | The Coming of the Light; Hebrew Chant of Peace – click to listen free ,

Session 3538 MP3, Holland, May 2009, 67 mins. This is a 46MB download.



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This talk follows on from 3537. Here also, Imre assumes that listeners have a good deal of knowledge of matters spiritual, such as of the inner, invisible Planes of Being in both ourselves and in the Cosmos, the ramifications of the shift from one great Astrological Age to another, and of the fact that human beings are far more than just our bodies and personalities.

Imre again states clearly that we are going to experience more and more extreme weather and other natural disasters in the near future, but that the world will not end in 2012. That idea comes simply from some people’s interpretation of the fact that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012.

In this talk, Imre focusses more specifically on the tremendous opportunity there is now for Planet Earth and humanity to re-become what we actually already are – Divine Light Beings – because the Divine Light of the Kingdom of God, known in the East as Nirvana, is pressing down from the exalted heights to this very Physical Plane. We have had such chances before, in the times of Lemuria, Atlantis and of the Christ and the Buddha. Unfortunately, people then did not or could not understand what was happening and not enough people were prepared for accepting and working with the Light.

Imre exhorts that all of us become part of the great team which wants to change this planet from a ‘New Age’ planet, which will occur anyway with the shift into the Aquarian Age, into a planet of Light which would mean the humanity will live in harmony, love, peace, holiness, togetherness and unity. These are qualities of the Holy Spirit or the Divine Consciousness, and which humanity will have the chance to embrace and become – if we accept the decisive opportunity for transforming ourselves and the planet which is coming.

Imre gives further inspiration by explaining a meditation technique of silently entering inside our consciousness whereby we can hear the interior Cosmos, the Sounding Light, the Voice of the Silence. It’s always there – always was and always will be – but we have disconnected ourselves from it because of our almost total focus on the outer world and jobs and family, etc. But touch upon this passive, gentle energy of the Holy Spirit, the subtle pulsation of Divine Grace, and we will intimately and forever know the reality of its existence, and through its gentle power, can be renewed on the spot, healed and harmonised in body, mind and emotions.

Chanting is a dynamically active technique for also touching the interior Cosmos and for feeling the energy of the Light. Each Mantra is a particular expression of the Light. To end the evening, a beautiful Hebrew Mantra of Peace, using the word, “Shalom”, was chanted. Its real meaning is harmony, perfection, beauty, tranquillity. Chanting this word, attuning ourselves to its inherent vibration, brings those very qualities into our being.



Imre Vallyon