2815 | Where do you go from here?; Is there a Plan in Your Life?

Session 2815, Germany June 2004, 86 mins. This is a 62MB download.


What’s next, if we begin to look at what life is about and whether there’s more to us than our body-mind-emotions? We’re here for a purpose far greater than going to the pub, watching TV, getting married and earning more money! If you seek these kinds of talks, it’s because you’re impelled by your Immortal, Living Soul to find the Truth of our purpose for living. You as a Living Soul have always sought that, unknown to your personality mind. Then, some time, some life, we start to hear the urgings of our Soul and our journey of seeking the greater Truths begins.

They are not to be found in endlessly studying books. First is to free ourselves of the idea that we are only the limited personality construct, and come to the understanding that our being on Earth has a Divine Purpose. That purpose is in tune with the Divine Plan for humankind and Planet Earth, and it comes from the Divine Hierarchy of Reality which is ever flowing over you and every living thing in Creation. To get in touch with our real Selves and purpose, what we need to do is unfold like a flower, and allow the knowledge of that Divine Hierarchy to come to us, unveiling itself from within, from the Divine Hidden Nature which is already within us – for we are part of the Divine Hierarchy. We are Children of the Divine, not little birds in a cage of our body-mind-emotions. Open the door of your cage and fly out.

There is so much more to this talk impossible to summarise here. Imre closes by saying that the fact of hearing this talk has a meaning for you. The Divine Plan is given to those who are ready for it. “The opportunity, the invitation, have been given to you by your Soul.” He urges us to take the opportunity.



Imre Vallyon