3627 | Penetrating into the Inner Worlds, The OM Mental Technique in the Third Eye – click to listen free


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For several years, Imre has presented Maori Spiritual Warrior Workshops in New Zealand. This opening talk of the November 2009 Workshop, although addressed to the attendees, is totally relevant to all spiritual seekers.

To understand where you come from, who you really are and what your purpose in life is cannot be achieved through outward attention. Our attention must be switched inwards and beyond the objective realities of our physical body and lives, thoughts and emotions. This is the goal of all the great Spiritual Traditions of the past, present and future – turning within. Ever looking outside prevents us from seeing our True Selves. We have to move from the level of the ‘dancing waves on the ocean’, on the surface, and dive deep within and discover the depths of the ocean. We have to descend to the depths of the Being within ourselves. Self-discovery is the ultimate objective of the Spiritual School and is what all the great Spiritual Warriors looked for, and ever was and is the greatest and ultimate challenge.

What we have to do is sit down and meditate and turn inward, realise what you are as much as you can, then turn back outward and carry on with your life. We all have responsibilities in this world. Meditation is not meant to be a permanent switching into oblivion but a balanced way. As you practise this ‘turning in’, ‘turning out’, your mind will adapt itself to work in the two different directions and eventually, you’ll be able to turn in and turn out at will.

Imre presents a technique for penetrating inwards, using the OM in the Third Eye. This takes us beyond our physical, emotional and mental awareness to the point where we jump way into the World of Unity – the Fundamental Clear Light. Imre likens the technique to shooting an arrow: the bow is your mind and the arrow is the OM. This is a very simple, quick and effective technique and has advantage over other, more complicated meditations in its very simplicity. Your goal or target is to penetrate the various Planes and you use the bow and arrow – the mind and the OM – to get you there, and they will.



Imre Vallyon