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3559 | Planetary Initiation – click to listen free ,

Session 3559 MP3, Germany, July 2009, 36 mins. This is a 25 MB download.


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Here, Imre explains a third factor which is impacting on Planet Earth. Not only are there Divine Energies descending from the Nirvanic Level to this Plane, and the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, our Mother Earth is undergoing an Initiatory Process. To understand this little-known concept, it’s necessary to realise that Earth is a living entity, just as each of us is, but on a somewhat larger scale, vastly larger of course! Imre relates Earth’s Initiation Process to an Initiation we may receive, to help us grasp the meaning and significance of this third factor.

When you go through an Initiation Process, you usually receive a Mantra, a Sound Frequency, from a Spiritual Teacher. The impulse of that Mantra is implanted in your Causal Body. Through practising it, the Mantra works in you until it fulfils itself, but because of its high vibrational frequency, it will bring change in you. The actual Initiation may take perhaps only one hour and its impact on you will manifest afterwards – maybe in an hour, a day, a year. Initially, some people cry for joy, or feel happy, or ecstatic. Some cry because of stirring in their psychic mechanism by the high-frequency vibration. Whatever your reaction is, it is good because it’s actually a clearing and healing process. But inner growth will come, and in time, a sense of fulfilment and peace.

On the larger scale, our Mother Earth, Gaia, is also undergoing an Initiation Process and in her, changes must also come. Her Initiation too is done through Sounding-Light Vibration, a Mantra, except on a vaster scale, coming from the Solar Logos, with vast vibrations pouring down onto Planet Earth and into her atmosphere, not the physical atmosphere but the Psychic, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, Buddhic and Etheric-Physical Dimensions.

An Initiation for Planet Earth takes a very long time, decades and sometimes centuries, and an important message of this talk is that we should reckon on the fact that it will cause problems on the planet – because Mother Earth will, just as we do, have a reaction to it and this will impact on all life on the Planet, including humanity. The entity Mother Earth will go through certain modifications as the great Initiatory Mantra works upon her and we cannot avoid being affected by them. Imre explains what these will be, from a great shake-up of the more fundamentalist religions and those peoples still living a tribal life, to natural disasters and global diseases. But once the Initiation is completed, Mother Earth will breathe better in space and be in better relationship with our Deity, the Solar Logos. By extension, this will mean that civilisation and life on this Planet Earth will be a thousand times better than it is now. It may be a difficult time for us to go through but in the end, all of humanity and the Planet will benefit hugely – cleansed, healed and made harmonious by this vast and amazing happening, the beginnings of which we are witness to.



Imre Vallyon