3771 | The First Stage of the Spiritual Path Technique: Calmness of Thoughts – click to listen free


Session 3771 MP3, Holland, October 2010, 32 mins. This is a 22 MB download.


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Imre describes four aspects of Stage One of treading the Spiritual Path: Calmness of Body, of Breathing, of Thought and of Consciousness. He explains that if we follow those steps and in that order, we can attain Liberation in this lifetime. A difficulty for most spiritual aspirants, both of the past and the present, is that although they have tremendous sincerity, they don’t have correct esoteric understanding or knowledge about the Spiritual Path. In this and sessions 3772 and 3773, Imre gives clear pointers, advice and techniques with which we can move along the Spiritual Path with surety.

Imre then concentrated on Calmness of Thoughts and gave details of a technique for this: the Mantra, OM S’RI, used in the Third Eye, the Mind Control Centre. The technique doesn’t involve controlling the mind in some forceful way but rather through the Mantra, to simply allow the mind’s waves to become quieter and quieter, more and more still. The OM focusses the mental energy into the Third Eye; S’RI means Light, brilliance or brightness. So, the OM S’RI tells your mind to go into the Third Eye and discover the Light, or become one with the Light. The mind just becomes quieter and quieter because the magic of the Sound Structure will calm it down until it becomes the OM S’RI, and then it becomes the Light itself.

In this and sessions 3772 and 3773, the techniques are actually practised, at which points, silences of around 1 minute are in the recordings. Simply pause the recordings whenever you would like to meditate for a longer time. Imre speaks again after the silences, giving further advice and tips on meditation.



Imre Vallyon