3540 | Techniques for the Evolution of Consciousness – Explanation and Instructions – click to listen free


Session 3540, Holland, May 2009, 71 mins. This is a 49MB download.



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Imre has spoken many times throughout his many years of teaching of the importance of practising Spiritual Techniques and not just thinking about ideas or concepts, however lofty, true or beautiful they may be. No progress can be made in any field of endeavour, whether ballet or football, or in consciousness evolution as in the Spiritual Path, without actually practising it.

In sessions 3537, 3538 and 3539, Imre presents many ideas, much knowledge and advice about the Spiritual Path, and also about the huge changes and upheavals which will come to Planet Earth, starting now and onwards for the next two or three hundred years. He also states clearly that there are things we can do to help ourselves, humanity and Planet Earth to move with those changes. Knowledge is power that’s certain, but in this session is where Imre gives actual techniques we can practise, the tools for refining and raising our vibrations, or consciousness levels, to match the new and higher energies which will and already are flooding our Solar System.

The first technique is a silent, passive meditation, ‘Listening to the Light’, of switching our attention back to the Divine Presence through inner listening. In this, we allow God to literally and actually touch us. As you develop this beautiful technique, it will begin to guide you. Whenever life is difficult, just listen to the unending stream of Inner Sound and you’ll know that God is there all the time, speaking to you beautifully, guiding you, even in the worst of circumstances. You will be inspired by how Imre describes this technique and the results we can achieve by practising it.

Next is a Mantra Repetition or an active meditation where you invoke the Light through a Sound Structure, physically singing it. Here, the Mantra is Om Namo Om Namah. Its meaning is, ‘Salutation to Om, which represents the Absolute’. This Mantra concentrates the Light in the Third Eye. The result is what Jesus said, “If your eye be single, your body shall be full of Light,” “eye be single” referring to the Third Eye. This is a technique of calling down the Light and with practice, of being filled with the Universal Power of Divinity.

To conclude the session, Imre gave a Blessing to those present, by intoning a version of the Sacred Gayatri Mantra, the essence of which is not in the physical sound but deep inside the Sounding Light Current, and that is what is received. Real Spiritual Teachers don’t teach on the intellectual, mind level but on the level of energies. This Blessing Imre gives is a gift of Divine Light.

This session could prove tremendously valuable for you, if you are one who would like to follow up on the words Imre spoke in sessions 3537, 3538 and 3539, with the actions of actually practising the Spiritual Techniques he offers in this session.




Imre Vallyon