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Imre Vallyon

3988 Excerpts | The Power of Books and of the Internet – click to listen free ,

Session 3988 Excerpts MP3, Waitetuna Retreat Centre, New Zealand, June 2012, 22 mins. This is a 15MB download.


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Here, Imre is explaining to members of the Foundation for Higher Learning, the international Spiritual School which he founded in 1980, the power of books and the internet for promulgating spiritual knowledge to people all over the world, and why this is so necessary now. But the talk may have great relevance and give inspiration to all persons who are also concerned about the deep materialism pervading our planetary society.

We are not just this human body which drops dead at the end of 75 years with nothing after that. There is much afterwards, a far greater life in the vast invisible dimensions, but the huge majority of humanity cannot access them because of being continually in the materialistic stream of energy. When we die, that materialistic stream of energy drags us back into materialistic incarnation again. So we cannot liberate ourselves from it and attain higher states of consciousness. We literally have a crisis on this planet. The more materialistically people think, the more our connection to the Spirit is dying.

This is where the importance of Sounding-Light Publishing comes in. Ultimately, it’s to do with the spiritual health of humanity. Whatever you think influences the Planetary Mind. Any time a person reads a book of true spiritual frequency, their mind sends out high-frequency vibrations into the planetary atmosphere and helps it become more spiritual, and also helps other people tune in to things spiritual. Books were a great invention and can touch many but the internet is an even greater invention because through it, we can touch the lives of millions of people with the straight, pure Spiritual Knowledge which we have to give.



Imre Vallyon