3811 | Planetary Transformation and the Coming AVATARA – click to listen free


Session 3811 MP3, Tauranga, New Zealand, February 2011, 53 mins. This is a 37 MB download.


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Imre set out the two important themes of this talk: how to keep your balance and inner harmony under stress situations, and understanding why a stress situation exists on the planet.

About the planetary situation, Imre points to the recent earthquake in Christchurch and the current disturbances in the Arab World. Tremendous energies are bombarding people, shaking them up. Imre explains the two kinds of Energies which will shake up the planet – visible and invisible – and why. The visible Energies will manifest in earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, volcanic eruptions and general discontent amongst people. Invisible Energies are also impacting on the Earth and every part of it is being shaken up. At this stage, we’re in a transitory period, moving from the old, sleepy Piscean Age to the truly dynamic Aquarian Age and for the next 150 years, there will be a battle between the passing-out Piscean and the coming-in Aquarian Energies.

People who are holding on to the Piscean Energy will fight to the end to resist the change. When hundred of millions of people are like that, there will be a clash between the new and the old. The question is: what are you going to do about it? The longer you live, the more you are going to be stressed out because of the transformations. The transformations will throw everybody out of place unless we learn the art of inner attunement and understand how important it is to maintain our inner calm and tranquillity under the stressful, changing conditions. The important thing is how humanity reacts to the situation. The Forces of change are for our benefit and we have to understand this intelligently.

Regarding the Coming AVATARA, the Bible and all the other Scriptures talk about the return of a Saviour, a Being coming to us to fix up the ‘mess’ of the planet. A new civilization is in the Divine Plan for this planet but first, you have to destroy the old before you can bring in the new and the fact is that this and the next few generations will have a lot of difficulties during the knocking-down process, like people have in Christchurch now – old buildings get knocked down and new buildings will be built – but in the meantime, the people are suffering from the earthquake. Extend that to the world-wide scale and there will be a lot of knocking down through fires, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, revolutions, wars, etcetera, but out of that comes the new civilization, one humanity, one religion, one philosophy – in other words, a planet of boundless Oneness and Unity. Imre goes into greater detail on the nature of the coming AVATARA and continues to stress the necessity for us to develop and maintain stability and harmony within ourselves, and to pass those qualities on to others so that they too may pass safely through the transition time.



Imre Vallyon