The Spiritual Path 13: Shadowland

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The origin of evil—what it is, why it exists and how we deal with it in our lives and world—is an issue that all of us contemplate from time to time. In “Shadowland: Evil, Compassion and the Power of Thought”, author Imre Vallyon reveals the existential reality of evil as imperfection originating in the Cosmos at the beginning of time and continuing in our world and its present-day inhabitants. He also reminds us to be aware of the power of our thoughts for both good and evil, and to use that power only for good, only for that which brings in the Light, so that we may help the Light Principle – not the Shadowland – in us and in the world. Only by developing compassion and forgiveness and using our creative power of thought in positive ways can Humanity stop feeding the Shadowland of our planet.


“Society is continually feeding Shadowland with negative thinking and therefore perpetuating it. If everybody stopped providing it with negative attention, it would explode into nothing because Shadowland is actually nothing. It is simply the mass of negative thoughts that we have about each other and about all kinds of things, and it would not exist without them.”


Imre Vallyon