The Spiritual Path 2: The Mystery of Death


In order to understand life we need to understand death, but death is not a subject that is taught, or even correctly understood, in our materialistic society. In “The Mystery of Death: A Road map For Your Journey Between Lives”, author Imre Vallyon explains that our physical death is simply a return to a much larger condition, a liberating process of freedom, happiness and joy.


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In “The Mystery of Death” author Imre Vallyon writes with amazing detail about the Soul’s incarnation process, giving a greater understanding of where death fits in with the overall flow of life, and about Karma and the Soul’s plan for this particular life so that we may clearly see the impact of our actions, thoughts and emotions on our life after death. “You should not be afraid of death because it is just part of your life. If once you understand that Life is a large, timeless moment, then you will look upon every day you live and everything you do in life as part of that larger picture.” At once comforting, inspiring, and remarkable in its unveiling of the vast and miraculous nature of life, this ebook offers true clarity and insight into the mystery of death.


Imre Vallyon