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This talk about death could be the most important talk of your life.

There is no death. To understand death, you have to understand life and to understand life, you have to understand death. We are multi-dimensional. Before you were born, you were already alive. We as Living Souls live in the Causal World. It is the Living Soul that decides to come into incarnation to gain experiences in this world. Your process starts long before you are physically born and you as a Living Soul, a radiant body in the Causal, have a plan of what you want to do in this lifetime, what you want to achieve. Your mental, emotional and etheric bodies are formulated the same as in your last life; the physical body is the only thing you inherit from your parents. As you incarnate, your connection with your Soul gradually decreases and when you are born, you realise you are compressed, restricted, limited again in a physical body – that’s why many of us cry at birth!

You have pre-ordained destiny and the Soul knows how long you will live and of what cause you’ll die. Some people also know how long others are going to live. You have a choice of how to die and it’s actually a joy for the Soul to die. Besides, death is compulsory! It’s a going back to a larger condition so don’t be afraid of death. When you step out of your body, you are exactly as you were before you died and you see your physical body as strange. The state you’re in when you die will take you to the realm of the Astral that vibrates the same as your vibration. Most people are afraid they will be disconnected from their friends and family but actually, in your Astral Body and on the other side, you pick up the feelings of everyone a hundred times more. For this reason, it’s important for people who are alive not to have negative emotions when someone close to you dies. Also, for the person who died, the Astral and Mind Worlds are not new to us. We know them – we came from there – we’ve lived in them aeon after aeon. So you’ll find yourself in an environment you already know. The exceptions are those who die in an intensely negative emotional state, such as through violent death or suicide. Their Astral Body gets locked in to that pattern of negative energy, unable to flow naturally and that’s all they can experience. They are in ‘hell’. This is where we have the ghosts, the ‘earth-bound spirits’.

In the first stage after death, your feeling guides your destiny. When you rise into the Mental Plane, it is your thinking that will guide your destiny. The second death is when you’re living in your Astral Body, the feeling world, and all your feelings have been exhausted. The Astral body freezes for a moment – dies – and you step out of the Astral into the Mind body. It’s still you but now the emphasis is on thought and you go to that dimension of the Mind World which is in accordance with your thinking pattern. The greater your mental activity, the more your affinity with the Mind World.

In the third death, you again freeze for a moment and step out of your Mental Body into the Living Soul. The time you spend on each level depends on how much you were attuned to those levels – more attuned, more time. As a Living Soul in the Causal, you see your past lives simultaneously and you know what progress you’ve made. Your Soul has a plan for you to incarnate again and is telepathically in touch with the Lords of Karma who tune in to you and find the solution for the next stage in your evolution. And then the whole cycle of a new life starts again. So you shouldn’t be afraid of death because it is part of life – and vice versa.



Imre Vallyon