4479 | The Importance of True Spiritual Knowledge and the Function of our Group – click to listen free


Session 4479 MP3, Imre Vallyon recorded in Germany, Aug 2016, 29 mins. This is a 20 MB download.


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Imre Vallyon presents three Retreats each year, in New Zealand, Germany and Hungary. This was the final talk of the 2016 German Retreat and is filled with basic Truths about the Mission, the purpose – past, present and future – of our School, our Group and of Imre, all condensed in one talk. Our School’s Mission is to bring the Knowledge of Spirituality onto the physical level so the average person who is ready for it can access it. Imre speaks of the role of Sounding-Light Publishing in this, and also of our role in it all – that yes, we need to work for our own Liberation but to do that within the the larger unit – the Group – because it is the power of a Group which attracts and radiates the Truths of Spirituality to humankind – and that is our task.
In the talk, Imre is addressing the group members who were present at the Retreat but it may provide anyone not involved with the Foundation for Higher Learning with insights into what a true Spiritual Path is, and what this School is seeking to achieve – for humanity and for the planet.



Imre Vallyon