0132 Excerpts | The Essential Oneness of all Religions; The Purpose of your Life

0132 Excerpts, Canada, March 1985, 39 mins. This is a 75 MB download.

This talk could be considered the umbrella under which all of Imre Vallyon’s Teachings come.

Imre first sets out five propositions of what true religion is, and then gives many examples of how, at their heart and in their truths, they are the same, are from the same Source in fact. Yes, many different words are used for “God” in different religions but the reason for that is that the religions sprang up on different parts of the globe at different times, hundreds and even thousands of years apart, and the words simply reflect the language spoken by the peoples of the religions. There is only one Reality. It’s just that humanity has approached it by diverse paths.

Imre then speaks about the need for direct experience of religion, or of that which is at their heart – God, Allah, Jehovah, Nirvana, Tao – by whatever name we call it, and that this direct experience is far beyond belief. It is not believing in something; it is knowing that something. We lost connection with it when we were born and the whole purpose of our existence is to reconnect to it. We were not born to go through school, get a job, buy a TV, get married, have children and die! It is to again directly connect to the Transcendental Reality within, through prayer, meditation, contemplation. As well as presenting knowledge as in this talk, Imre’s Teachings give us powerful, potent and beautiful techniques for achieving that direct connection.

To that end, Imre and those present sing an ancient and sweet yet profound Sufi song translated into English, as one technique for making that connection, for feeling that dynamic Reality in the Heart.

Oh let your Heart be as pure as Crystal

Let your Mind be as bright as the Sun

Let your Soul be as vast as the Universe

And let your Spirit be as powerful as God and One